JME Marine is an independent Dartmouth based consultancy specialising in a range of marine survey services including Pre-Purchase, Insurance Inspection and Damage surveys. We also undertake Code Compliance examinations of small commercial vessels on behalf of MECAL an MCA Certifying Authority.

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The Pre-Purchase Survey is a well advised, if not essential undertaking when considering the purchase of a previously owned yacht or motorboat.

This comprehensive survey is commissioned by the potential buyer, usually when an offer is made ‘subject to survey’ and is principally focussed on defects having potential to make the vessel unsafe, uninsurable or costly to repair and may provide a basis for further negotiation on sale.

Following the survey our report is prepared for sole use of the Client, this presenting a factual account of the vessel’s material condition at time of survey.

The report will make recommendations, these being identified as Priority issues which must be dealt with before the vessel is used and/or Planned, those which should be addressed in the short term to prevent a future Priority issue developing.

Additionally, a Sea Trial may be arranged as part of your Pre-Purchase Survey.

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Marine Insurance Surveys look solely at the risk a vessel presents to an insurer.

The Insurance Survey is usually commissioned by the owner of a vessel when their insurer has requested a survey prior to renewing an existing policy.

Typically an Insurance Survey is required when the vessel reaches twenty years old although some insurers may request them sooner.

Subsequent survey intervals vary between five and ten years thereafter depending on the insurer.

Concerned ultimately with risk and safety, the scope of the Insurance Survey is reduced to cover only the structure and systems that will affect insurability.

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JME Marine Damage Surveys provide an initial assessment of damage sustained by the vessel, this will determine whether damage is cosmetic only or with more serious structural implications.

Following review of repair specifications developed by the repairing yard we will provide comment or technical input as necessary.

Interim surveys are undertaken at agreed work stages to ensure all repair works are carried out in accordance with specification, prior to sign off and acceptance of the repair.


Hull surveys may be undertaken to determine the extent of moisture ingress to the FRP laminate hull or structure of the subject vessel.

The hull is closely inspected, sounded and moisture readings taken to identify the presence of notable laminate defects.

Evidence of osmosis or any areas of high moisture content with potential to promote a future osmotic condition will be identified and professional, pragmatic treatment advice offered.

JME Marine will review treatment specifications proposed by repairing yards and provide comment or technical input as necessary. Interim surveys can be undertaken at agreed treatment stages to ensure all works are carried out to the required standard and in accordance with specification.


Sea Trials are undertaken to establish the operating condition of the vessels systems.

A Sea Trial is advised particularly for high value yachts and performance power cruisers where the engine(s) and machinery represent a large proportion of the vessels overall value.

The Sea Trial involves bringing the engine(s) up to operating temperature and run for a period under full load.  Close examination and a series of visual checks will be undertaken to monitor the operating condition of the engine(s) and associated installations.

Instrumentation and any navigation systems are generally tested where applicable and verified as functional or otherwise.

Should a more detailed engineer’s report be required, this can be arranged through our established network of experienced professional contacts.


All small commercial vessels operating under the UK flag and in UK waters must comply with the merchant shipping regulations or an MCA Code of Practice.

As a MECAL surveyor Jamie Mathys is authorised to undertake Code Compliance examinations of small commercial vessels on behalf of MECAL, an MCA Certifying Authority.

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Carried out at the builder’s yard in advance of handover or delivery, JME Marine Acceptance Surveys are usually undertaken on new build yachts and powerboats but applicable also to used and refit projects.

The scope can vary enormously dependant on a client’s specific requirements.

An Acceptance Survey might include any level of detail from a basic check of equipment and safety gear through to a full Pre-Purchase survey with Sea Trial.

The Acceptance Survey report will schedule all items to be addressed by the builder or refit yard prior to handover of the vessel.