Please read through JME Marine Standard Terms and Conditions and return your signed Contract Agreement in advance of survey, all contract documentation will be sent to you electronically.

Subject to availability, it is of great assistance when brokerage details or vessel particulars can be provided in advance of survey.

Please ensure that all necessary permissions have been granted and that keys are available to fully access the vessel, this to include cockpit lockers, lazarette and any other secure area.

Lifting costs are to be covered by the client (prospective purchaser) unless agreed otherwise, please advise us of lifting arrangements at the earliest opportunity.

The subject vessel is to be lifted and must be securely cradled or shored. JME Marine reserve the right to delay or cancel examination if the vessel is found to be unsafe or presenting any undue risk.

When the vessel is to be held in slings, sufficient time must be allowed and arranged in advance as necessary to undertake a full examination of the hull and fittings below waterline.

The hull and all associated fittings below waterline are to be pressure washed clean of fouling and marine growth to allow full examination.

Once ashore the hull must be allowed to dry for as long as practicable to allow meaningful moisture readings to be taken. Note: Moisture content of the hull below waterline will be dependent on both the time the vessel has been ashore i.e. able to dry out, and the period the vessel was afloat prior to coming ashore.

Please ensure service batteries are connected and fully charged to facilitate testing of DC systems. A shore-power lead and yard supply will be required to test 240V AC systems where applicable.

The vessel is to be adequately fuelled in advance to facilitate sea trials when commissioned.

Removal of personal effects and stowed belongings is of great assistance when examining the vessel, when possible please remove any such items to expedite survey.

All documentation relevant to the vessel should be made available for review during survey. Where applicable please ensure that vessel files, owners manual, service history and invoices for any major work undertaken can be located on board.