Following the survey our detailed report will be prepared in a timely manner and usually issued electronically within two working days of examination.

We are always pleased to discuss our survey findings by telephone, which is often beneficial on the evening of examination. Such discussion will provide initial feedback and the opportunity to highlight any defects found to be of concern, costly to repair, or affecting the safety of the vessel. On a Pre-Purchase survey these items may influence your decision to progress or provide a basis for further negotiation on sale price. Subsequently all findings will be fully documented in our detailed survey report.

Our report is issued for sole use of the Client, and will present a factual account of the vessel’s material condition at time of survey.

Any references to material condition are always made relative to the vessel’s age and type. All testing of equipment undertaken during the course of survey will be fully detailed within our report.

Detailed recommendations are made within the main report body and also concisely referenced within the summary section at the front of our report.

Survey recommendations are categorised as:

Priority: Items to be addressed prior to use which may affect the safety or insurance of the vessel.

Planned: Items to be addressed in the short term to mitigate a future Priority issue.

It is not intended that recommendations cover cosmetic, minor defects or routine maintenance however in some instances these may have been included for your information.

Once you have received your survey report and had time to review we would be pleased to further discuss the content and any recommendations made.